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For Christ. For Family. For Life.

Greeting President Biden

in Belvidere

The Rockford Family Initiative teamed up with the Pro-life Action League to show Joe Biden the truth that abortion kills a person in the womb.


On Nov. 9th, President Biden gave a speech in Belvidere. As he was leaving, Joe Biden passed within a few feet of pro-lifers holding dozens of signs that showed the reality that abortion is the murder of a child.  We know he saw the message clearly.  We pray his conscience was struck by seeing the pictures of babies he is responsible for killing and that his hard heart is softened by so many prayers in the hope he repents of his support for killing God's children in the womb.


THANK YOU to all of our Rockford Family Initiative supporters who on short notice showed up in Belvidere to show the truth in charity, placing all of our trust in Jesus, with the prayer that seeing the reality of abortion our President will repent and choose life for God's babies and his own soul.

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Monthly Rally

for the Unborn

Saturday, September 30, 2023

611 Auburn Street, Rockford, IL 61114

Please join us!

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August rally.png

The Rockford Family Initiative is proud to sponsor

Ground Zero - Rockford

Changing the Tide: Understanding & Responding to Abortion Tourism in a Post-Roe Illinois.
Rockford has become a center for abortion tourism - hundreds of our own children along with countless children from other states are being brought to Rockford to be killed. Please join us for an Illinois Right to Life presentation to help us learn how to combat abortion tourism and share the love of God with those who come to Rockford to end the lives of children in the womb.
All are welcome and encouraged to join us at:

St. Bernadette Church Parish Center 2400 Bell Ave, Rockford. September, 13th 6:30pm
For this free event printed materials will be given to all event attendees that summarize key presentation information. Snacks provided.

If you want to make a real and lasting difference for mothers, children, and the state of Illinois please join us as we learn ways to fight the culture of death and to build a culture of life in Illinois.


Victory for Truth and Life

In Rockford on Thursday, August 3rd, a federal judge handed down a preliminary injunction stopping SB1909 - the bill signed by Gov. JB Pritzker attempting to stop offers of love and support to mothers in need by Pregnancy Care Centers and pro-life sidewalk counselors.


Judge Johnston said about the anti-life law, "The bill is painfully and blatantly a violation of the First Amendment."

The Judge also said condemning the unjust law, "There's no doubt who the Attorney General wants to win or lose in the marketplace of ideas, but the government doesn't get to decide that. The people do."


Attorney Peter Breen from the Thomas More Society argued the case as four pro-life witnesses took the stand with all explaining that pro-lifers have the mission in love and truth to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to offer real help to mothers so they have a real "choice" other than the lies of the abortion industry and the killing of their little girl or boy by abortion.


This decision is a victory for all who care about human life, the Constitution, and love for God and neighbor.


The Attorney General could challenge this decision and a full trial would take place. Based on how the Federal Judge saw right through the purely partisan attack by the state legislators in passing this horrific bill and the Attorney General unjustly taking sides, he would have a very difficult time in removing the injunction.


By the grace of God, good attorneys, a clear-thinking Judge, and a wonderful pro-life community in Rockford we continue to have the full right (and duty) to offer love and support for mothers and babies in need.


Open Letter to Public Leaders of the City of Rockford

July 21, 2023           


To Our Community Leaders,

The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that the Rockford abortion mill on Auburn Street has killed more than 400 human beings in the womb in the first six months of 2023.

None of us should consider ourselves more human, more valuable, or more loved by God than a person in the womb. Every baby in his or her mother’s womb is a full member of our human family – a person created in the image of God, a little girl or boy who has the same right to life as we do.

Several politicians in city government worked hand in glove with the disgraced and dangerous abortionist Dennis Christensen, allowing him to open his killing center without a permit, which we now know has led to the murder of 400 defenseless children in Rockford so far this year.

These 400 children have been murdered in cold blood. Some rightly complain about crime, poverty, shootings, drugs, and broken lives and families in our city. But as long as many of our city leaders continue to support and promote the mass murder of hundreds of children, Rockford will be a city of death.

These 400 lives are more than just a number. Each one of them is a person. These are persons who were denied the fundamental right to life by many in our city leadership. Those that voted to allow abortion in our city have the blood of these 400 precious lives on their hands.

We at the Rockford Family Initiative will continue to pray and work until this senseless killing in our city stops.




Kevin Rilott
Rockford Family Initiative

Hundreds rally in defense of children at Talcott Library

(Click here for Pictures)


Back in mid-June, we heard from a concerned Rockton grandmother whose daughter and granddaughter are regular visitors to Talcott Library in Rockton that the library was planning an in-person "Drag Q&A" event. This event would be similar to other "Drag Queen Story Hours" held around the country in recent years. These events, which specifically target children, are replete with vulgarity, including nudity and sexual innuendos and jokes. They are part of the drive to "normalize" pedophilia. Why in the world would a publicly funded library in small town Illinois want to subject children to this?

​Shortly thereafter, we alerted our supporters. They, along with an overwhelming amount of Rockton residents, began bombarding the library with calls and emails. We then quickly ordered 275 signs and 3 large banners and planned huge protests at the library. We also contacted local political officials and library board members.

Then, on Monday, June 26, several hundred residents of Rockton and the surrounding areas gathered both inside and outside the library board meeting, where a vote on the event was to take place. The group outside prayed six Rosaries, sang hymns, and peacefully but firmly showed the city officials that drag did not belong in a library, especially where children would be present. It was a beautiful evening, as we begged for God’s mercy and intervention in our community. Inside, several Rockton residents expressed to the board their disgust and reasons why the event should be canceled. However, the night ended on a sad note, as the library board cowardly voted to allow the event to go on.

​But at that point God intervened and heard our prayers. A few days later, we received word that the library leadership had decided to CANCEL the in-person event! According to the library, this was due to the huge crowds expected during the event, which would create "an unmanageable situation for our very small downtown area." In other words, the library canceled the event due to public pressure and specifically, public protest in the streets. It was one more example that peaceful and prayerful protest WORKS! 

​That being said, we knew we had to continue plans to protest on the day itself, since having a virtual event is still an event. However, as recent history has shown, a virtual event is not the same as an in-person event. In the words of the one of the pro-drag organizers in Rockton, moving to a virtual event “defeat[ed] the entire purpose of the event.” So we added an element of celebration and thanksgiving to God to our rally planning!  

The events of the past few weeks culminated today, July 14, when hundreds of concerned citizens prayed and rallied in downtown Rockton again in defense of the innocence of children. We also celebrated the victory that God granted our community with the cancelation of the in-person drag event. Several speakers, including a local Catholic priest and a Lutheran pastor, delivered inspiring words and led us in prayer. We had two bagpipers, a local church choir, and about 200 joyful and hopeful people, both young and old. 

In the middle of the chaos we see around us, particularly as life and the family are attacked on all sides, today we are thankful to God for the graces He has mercifully granted our community. In particular, we are thankful for the ability to freely protest abominations like the drag event in Rockton. Our emails, calls, and above all presence in peaceful protest led to the cancelation of the in-person event.

Furthermore, may this be a message to any libraries in the Rockford area: if you even think about hosting an event aimed at grooming children, you can be sure that we will use every peaceful and legal means to get the event canceled. Thankfully, Rockford is blessed with a vibrant pro-life and pro-family community that is willing to go out and stand up, to stop these horrible events from happening.

May God bless all those that participated, and may God grant us the grace to never stop fighting for His truth, particularly in the defense of life and the family.

Update: Daily Prayer Rallies to STOP Rockton Drag Event for Children


In addition to the prayer rally on Friday, July 14th (more info further below), Concerned citizens in Rockton and the surrounding area will be a prayerful and peaceful witness outside the Talcott Library (101 E Main St, Rockton) on the following days:

Monday, July 10th from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Tuesday, July 11th from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Wednesday, July 12th from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Why are we adding these additional times to pray together and inform the public about the Talcott Library placing children in harms way? Because more information is coming to light about the sordid background of the drag performer they invited.


(We apologize for the graphic nature of this information but people need to know what the Library is promoting - DO NOT LET CHILDREN SEE THIS)

In the video at the 1:34 minute mark you will see crystal ball, the man the Rockton Library hired to indoctrinate children, pull a knife out of a bra and go after the audience.  In the video at the 2:18 minute mark you will see crystal ball invite people to “play with our balls”. In another social media post the Talcott Library drag queen retweets, "when it comes to head it will always be yes."

Please join us any time you can on these three evenings to show community leaders that we will not tolerate children being used as pawns and tools of those promoting a disordered sexual revolution and the sexualization of children.

Poster Jul 14.png

VICTORY in Rockton!

God wins.png

The Talcott Library in Rockton has canceled the in person drag queen event they had scheduled for July 14th! All glory and praise to God for this good news! God is clearly working through His people who prayed, called, and emailed the library and public officials demanding the cancellation of this offensive presentation of a sinful lifestyle to children.


We have been told that the witness and presence at the library Board meeting of those opposed to the event was an important factor in the cancellation of the in person event! So thank YOU and all those who stood for Jesus, morality, and common decency. We have certainly seen that when God's people make a firm and charitable stand for Jesus and the truth - God can and does use our small efforts to accomplish His Holy will.

PROTESTS WORK! While we should celebrate this victory, we're not going to stop here. At this point, the library is still planning a virtual drag event for children. The Talcott Library should completely CANCEL this event. So PLEASE - make plans to join us on Friday, July 14th at 3:00PM at Talcott Library. We expect another huge crowd to again stand up against this madness and against the sexualizing and grooming of children.    


When the library originally scheduled this event, they included a picture of the drag queen, as well as an event description saying the event was for 6th to 12th graders. After they were inundated with calls and emails, they moderated the event description and removed the picture. Then, after even more pushback, the library board called a vote on the issue. Now, after several hundred of us rallied and prayed outside the board meeting, they have CANCELED the in-person event. Let's not stop until the entire event is canceled!


"So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." 

Matt 5:16


In Seattle at a gay pride parade men were walking naked in front of children and nothing was done about it. In New York the gay pride marchers were chanting, "we are coming for your children". Because of your faithfulness God has put a stop to this kind of wickedness that is beginning to grow in our own community. We still have a long battle ahead of us against the forces of sin, satan, and spiritual death that are the core of the homosexual agenda.


We here at the Rockford Family Initiative promise that we will continue to do everything we can to work with you to build a culture of life, holiness, and goodness for all our families & neighbors

Rockton Protest

HUGE Crowd Protests Rockton Library Meeting to Discuss
Drag Event

Rockton Protest

HUGE Crowd Protests Rockton Library Meeting to Discuss
Drag Event


By Kevin Rilott

Talcott Free Library in Rockton recently scheduled a "drag" event for children for July 14th. This perverse event will present a "drag queen" that performs at night clubs. The library promoted it for children - "grades 6th through 12th"!

Yesterday, June 26th, I joined over 250 concerned citizens of Rockton and the surrounding areas as we gathered to pray and express our opposition at the monthly meeting of the Talcott Library board of trustees. We stood in support of truth and charity in the face of the homosexual agenda that is now seeking to groom children. 

On the other side, about 100 counter protesters, supporting this library event that aims to sexualize and indoctrinate children, mocked and ridiculed God and His Church. Undeterred, Christians from many different churches stood their ground in prayer, defending Christ and the purity of children. I saw Catholics praying rosaries, a Lutheran group singing hymns, and two brave young men playing patriotic songs on the bagpipes and drum.

About 100 people were permitted to enter the meeting, with some signing up to speak. About 75% of attendees were opponents of the drag queen event. After public comment ended, the President, Gary Kovanda, offered a motion to cancel the event. He spoke briefly, saying the library had enjoyed great public support with an extraordinary 69% vote for the funding of the library remodel and extension. Kovanda said that Drag Queen events had been held in the recent past by Rockton businesses, and that it was not proper for such an event to be supported by public funds. Library operations are supported by public funds.

After, Board Vice President Bob Geddeis spoke for perhaps ten minutes, mentioning his conversations with neighbors and longtime residents who were overwhelmingly opposed to the drag queen event. The vote was called. Only President Kovanda and VP Geddeis voted NO in opposition to holding the event. The vote was 4 to 2 in favor of holding the event

The Rockford Family Initiative will be present in prayer, truth, and charity when the drag queen indoctrination event is held on Friday, July 14th, at 3:30pm at the Rockton Library. We hope you will join us by being present to offer prayers for God's forgiveness and to be a public witness against the destruction of childhood innocence and the grooming of children that will be taking place in the Talcott Library that day. More information will be coming soon. 

In the meantime, please pray they cancel the event, and take a moment to message or call the library at815-624-7511. You can also email the director of the library:

This "drag" person performs at the "Office Nite Club" in downtown Rockford. His Instagram page is vile (See pictures below, but be warned - they are very grotesque and disturbing).

Pictures "Krystal Ball" (the "performer" they have invited to the library):

FB event.png
UPDATED dq poster.png

URGENT: Rockton Library Hosts Drag event for children!

Talcott Free Library in Rockton will be hosting a "drag" event for children on July 14th (Facebook event page here). This perverse event will present a "drag queen" that performs at night clubs. The library is promoting it for children - "grades 6th through 12th"!


We are currently in communication with city of Rockton officials. If the event is not canceled, we will be forced to plan protests.

Please pray they cancel the event, and take a moment to message or call the library and ask them what they are thinking! The number of the library is: 815-624-7511. You can also email the director of the library:

This "drag" person performs at the "Office Nite Club" in downtown Rockford. His Instagram page is vile (See pictures below, but be warned - they are very grotesque and disturbing). Does the library really want him around children? A nightclub performer? Also, drag shows for children are completely inappropriate! Please ask the library to cancel the event immediately.


This is a total outrage. We need to protect children from this abuse. They are the future of our country and our children's peers. We do not want this! 


Thank you for taking a stand. Share this message. Pray that this event gets cancelled. 

Pictures "Krystal Ball" (the "performer" they have invited to the library):

FB event.png
Auburn May.jpg

Monthly Pro-Life Rally on April 29, 2023

april 1.jpg

Thank you to all who joined us last Saturday (April 29) for our monthly rally outside the Auburn abortion mill. About 75 people joined us, including several newcomers. Our next monthly rally will be Saturday, May 27th at 11AM!


Also, we have a very encouraging story to share from that event. As we were getting ready to close the rally, two women approached me. They were very upset about our rally. So I talked to them for a while, trying to convince them of the pro-life position and the evil of abortion. At one point in the conversation, one of the women mentioned that she lives in the area, and that she works with low income women (as a counselor of some sort). She then told me that many of the women considering abortion in Rockford tell her that they are afraid to go to the abortion mill because of "the people outside holding signs"! This is one more confirmation that every time we go to the abortion mill to pray and witness, we are literally saving lives!


Please continue to spread the word about our monthly rally for life outside the Auburn mill, on the last Saturday of the month.

URGENT: File Witness Slips - Protect Pregnancy Resource Centers in IL!

INSTRUCTIONS: To file a witness slip that says you OPPOSE SB 1909 (the Forced Abortion Information Act), click here and enter your name, address, and phone number. Leave everything else blank or put 'self'. Highlight 'OPPONENT' and 'RECORD OF APPEARANCES ONLY'. Check 'Terms of Agreement' and click "Create Slip."


According to IL Right to Life, the Forced Abortion Information Act would target pro-life, pro-woman pregnancy care centers in a number of ways:


1. SB 1909 claims to protect individuals' ability “to make autonomous, informed and evidence-based decisions” about abortion. However, it is another attempt to force pregnancy help centers to cooperate in some way with abortions or referrals for abortions.

This bill would most likely lead to the closing of pregnancy help centers entirely.

2. The Forced Abortion Information Act makes pregnancy resource centers and sidewalk advocates civilly liable for "deceptive acts or practice" for any concealment, suppression, or omission of a "material fact".

This means pro-life pregnancy resource centers could be liable for refusing to provide a woman with instructions on how to obtain an abortion, even if it violates an individual's conscience.

3. Under the Forced Abortion Information Act, the Illinois Attorney General has the authority to initiate a complaint against pregnancy resource centers according to "public interest."

In other words, investigations by the state are not based on any specific complaint.

4. Under the Forced Abortion Information Act, the Attorney General also has the authority to "impound" pregnancy resource center records as the investigation continues.

If the Attorney General determines a center is in violation of the law, penalties up to $50,000 can be issued.


The Forced Abortion Information Act is overly broad, imposing government-compelled speech and suppresses conscience rights and religious freedom, which is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. 


Good Friday.jpg

Monthly Pro-Life Rally on March 25, 2023

March 25, 2023 - 11AM

611 Auburn St., Rockford, IL 61103

Despite the cold and snow, over 75 people join us for the monthly rally for life outside the Auburn Street abortion mill. Click here for pictures.

Monthly Pro-Life Rally on February 25, 2023

February 25, 2023 - 11AM

611 Auburn St., Rockford, IL 61103

We again had over 200 people join us to rally for life outside the Auburn Street abortion mill - ​Pictures Here

Keep Rockford Pro-Life Rally on January 21, 2023

January 21, 2023 - 11AM

611 Auburn St., Rockford, IL 61103

Our first rally of 2023 was a big success! About 250 people joined to pray and witness to the sanctity of life.


And, because we were there, the abortion mill closed early!

Pictures Here

January 8, 2023: Open Letter to the City of Rockford
Planning & Zoning Office

Is it not surprising, considering that Rockford’s mayor and several city council members have publicly spoken at pro-abortion rallies in our city, that a special use permit, which is needed for an abortion clinic to open in a residential neighborhood, suddenly disappears? Why is the Auburn street abortion location being allowed to open without a permit?
We have proof from the Illinois Department of Public Health that the former abortion mill in Rockford placed the lives and health of women in danger.  Why does the city not care about this and why were you so desperate to keep not allow this information to be brought up before the Zoning board?
We have photographic evidence, witnesses, and police reports proving that when Dennis Christensen owned the Northern Illinois Women's Center many signs appeared in the clinic windows that contained messages of racism, bigotry, hate, and vile mockery of God and human life.  Why does city of Rockford refuse to acknowledge this deep hatred directed toward the people of Rockford, and why was the zoning board prevented from seeing this horrific truth?
This abortion mill in a residential neighborhood will result in countless protests and counter protests, loud interaction on the sidewalk and alleys near dozens of homes, countless police calls to the neighborhood, property values reduced, and the entire city seeing this Auburn St neighborhood as the "abortion center" of Rockford. This neighborhood will be changed for the worse if this abortion mill continues to operate. Why has your office been silent about this and why was this information not allowed to be presented to the zoning board?
As we know, abortion is a crime against God and humanity. It is the murder of a little girl or boy in the womb. We respectfully ask you to answer the above questions as a matter of common decency and for the good of the people of Rockford.
Rockford Family Initiative


Dec 27, 2022: Woman Attacks Rockford Pro-Lifers

A pro-choice woman pulled over and assaulted members of Rockford Family Initiative who were praying outside the new 611 abortion location this morning.

“There are too many children!” she screamed as she hurled her coffee at them. 
Already on opening day, this abortion facility is bringing violence to this residential neighborhood. 

Thanks to the Rockford Police, this aggressor was later arrested and faces criminal charges.


This act will not deter us from our mission of witnessing for the unborn and offering help to their mothers. In fact, this hateful act just inspires us to love more. It inspires us to be out on the street witnessing to the truth of God's law even more.

We fear that this is just the beginning of what will happen in Rockford. The disorder, crime, anger, and anarchy that will be brought to this neighborhood by this abortion clinic was NEVER intended by the special use permit granted years ago to a Chiropractor at 611 Auburn. The city of Rockford is now allowing this house of horrors to open under a special use permit that cannot even be found.

Does the city of Rockford really support this kind of violence in it's neighborhoods? 

We Serve a Crucified Lord

The Rockford Family Initiative attempted to present our case to the Rockford Zoning board on Tuesday, December 21. Our goal was to prove that the proposed abortion mill at 611 Auburn St should not be allowed to open in a residential neighborhood, primarily since the city of Rockford cannot produce the special use permit that it needs to open.

Brave pro-lifers in Rockford packed the chambers, outnumbering the pro-aborts by about ten to one. Thank you to all those who came!


At the hearing, the zoning board REFUSED to allow us to present several pieces of evidence, including:


Dennis Christensen’s former abortion clinic in Rockford was closed by the state of Illinois for horrific conditions, such as contaminated surgical rooms, not sanitizing surgical instruments, putting women's lives at risk. THEY REFUSED TO ALLOW US TO PRESENT THIS EVIDENCE. Why would the zoning board not consider the grisly history of the owner of the proposed abortion mill at 611 Auburn?


The signs of bigotry and hate Christensen put in his former abortion clinic windows. THEY REFUSED TO ALLOW US TO PRESENT THIS EVIDENCE.


Proof of how the abortion clinic at the Broadway location brought disruption and decay his former abortion mill neighborhood. THEY REFUSED TO ALLOW US TO PRESENT THIS EVIDENCE.


In the end, the board voted to affirm the zoning officer’s decision to allow the abortion mill to open, without a permit.


So where does this leave us?


We serve a crucified Lord who "turns all thing to the good for those who love Him." We will pray. We will offer help and love to all mothers entering abortion mills. We will be a constant public witness to the love of Jesus for all people.


We will plan future pro-life initiatives with the fact in mind that our city will be allowing Dennis Christensen to operate his baby-killing house of horrors without a permit.


We are also studying other legal options to reverse this unjust ruling.


We put all our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.


THANK YOU again to all who came out in the cold to support Jesus and His children at this hearing and to the pro-lifers who testified to Christ and life. More information will be forthcoming on this situation.


Update on Zoning Appeal - December 18, 2022

Special Privileges for Abortion in Rockford?

Zoning Appeal Hearing set for this Tuesday at 5:20PM

In order for the proposed abortion mill to open in a residential neighborhood at the 611 Auburn St location, a special use permit is required to exempt the "business" from regular zoning laws and regulations. The Rockford Family Initiative has received word that no special use permit can be found:


"While the Zoning Officer was not able to find the SUP (special use permit) in the City’s archived files, he based his determination on the totality of the circumstances with the information he had to draw a conclusion that the City has been operating as if an SUP existed for the last 40 years."

This is an unjust outrage. The zoning officer is saying that no special use permit exists but they are going to allow this child killing business to open anyway with NO PERMIT.  Below are listed just a few of the reasons this is direct attack on the rule of law, justice, the common good, and human life.


1. The original SUP - if it ever existed - could have had limitations, constraints, restrictions, or wording that could affect this current situation. The zoning officer is suggesting the city doesn't care about this and are allowing it to operate anyway, without a permit.


2. Businesses in Rockford are not allowed to operate without proper permits. Why would an exception be considered for this abortion business?


3. The Mayor of Rockford is an outspoken supporter of abortion and has even appeared at and spoken at public pro-abortion rallies. Many members of the city council have spoken at pro-abortion rallies. How do we know that the special use permit is not being suppressed by this administration or abortion supporting individuals in city government? 


4. We asked the city if this will be standard procedure moving forward that businesses will not need proper permits to operate and have yet to receive a response.


5. Allowing a child killing business to operate in a residential neighborhood will change it forever. At the old abortion mill on Broadway we had mothers crying going in the clinic and coming out. We had large protests and counter protests sometimes with anger and shouting. This created a horrific atmosphere in the neighborhood and divided the neighbors based on their position on life issues.


  1. Over the years, we had hundreds of police calls to the abortion clinic. Pro-lifers were assaulted by abortion supporters on at least four occasions.


    The city is now saying they can't find the permit that will allow this kind of disruption, anger, and chaos to a quiet residential neighborhood and they don't seem to care - and seem to want to allow the abortion mill to open without a permit. 


Please contact your alderman ( and express your shock and disgust at this situation where the city is considering allowing a child killing business to open without proper permits. 


Also, please join us at the zoning appeal hearing:

When: Tuesday, December 20th at 5:20PM

Where: Rockford City Council Chambers, Second Floor, City Hall, 425 East State Street.


There will be a short hearing before the Rockford zoning board where the Rockford Family Initiative will be making the case that this abortion mill should not be allowed to open without the proper permit.


It is a sad fact that the old abortion mill in Rockford that was owned by the same abortionist and run by the same clinic administrator was closed by the state of Illinois for disgusting, unsanitary and dangerous conditions. What is the first act of this same abortionist and clinic administrator attempting to open a new abortion mill? Are they going to be allowed to disregard local law and city ordinance by opening without a special use permit?


Please join us in prayer and action to prevent this unjust outrage from happening in our city.

Rockford Family Initiative Files Suit Appealing Zoning Permit for Potential Abortion Clinic

The Rockford Family Initiative and three individuals have filed an appeal of the Rockford Zoning Officer's certification for use of 611 Auburn Street as an abortion clinic. The appeal claims that the proposed abortion business has not met the legal requirements to open. According to the details of the appeal, the claim is based on, but not limited to:

The request for certification was not accompanied by a plat legally recorded under the laws of the State of Illinois and Winnebago County giving a legal description, and the request for certification was not accompanied by a plot plan.


The location of the abortion business is not zoned for commercial use, and there is no active special use permit allowing its use. The location owner, Dennis Christensen, has not applied for a special use permit, and the city of Rockford has not independently reviewed whether use of the location as an abortion business will "endanger the public health, safety, morals, comfort, or general welfare".


Furthermore, the City of Rockford has not reviewed whether the abortion business will: 

"have special impacts [or] potentially adverse effects on the neighborhood surrounding the site";

"create significant noise, traffic, environmental, or other impacts that may be objectionable";

"have significant visual [and] traffic impacts"; 

"diminish property values"; 

"impede the normal or orderly development and improvement of the surrounding property"; and

"[be] compatible with the existing character of the area."  

The owner, Dennis Christensen, has not been issued a home business permit.

The Rockford Zoning Ordinances expressly prohibit the abortion business from: Employing non-residents of the home; and Operating as a medical clinic at its current location.

"When the former abortion clinic in Rockford was open, the owners and staff consistently did not follow state health regulations and placed the lives of women in danger,” said Rilott. “It appears again that many city ordinances have not been followed in this case. The Rockford Family Initiative is doing everything possible to ensure that the laws of our city are followed, and that the killing of innocent children in the womb is never allowed in this peaceful Rockford neighborhood.”

Local Businesses Demand City Council Stop Abortion Clinic 

Eleven Rockford businesses located in the immediate vicinity of the potential abortion clinic at 4236 Maray Drive have signed an open letter to the public officials of the city of Rockford, demanding that the City Council amend the area zoning regulations to exclude abortion clinics. They will present the open letter to the City Council on Monday, October 17th at 5:30PM.

The business owners are making the demand because they worry that allowing the abortion clinic to open will adversely affect their business. “4236 Maray Drive is currently zoned C-2 Limited Commercial District, which does not allow for ‘undue traffic congestion’ or ‘detrimental impacts on neighboring properties.’ This alone should have prevented the new clinic owners from attempting to establish an abortion clinic in our neighborhood. Since this has not happened, we demand that the city council amend the C-2 Limited Commercial District zone to explicitly exclude abortion clinics.” 


Additionally, the businesses are concerned that, considering the previous clinic location formerly operated by Dr. Dennis Christensen was shut down due to health and sanitation violations, the 4236 Maray Drive location could become a vacant and uncared for property if the future abortion clinic (which is also owned by Dr. Dennis Christensen) is shut down as well.


The open letter continues, “At a recent meeting, the City Administrator, Todd Cagnoni, said that any alderman could make the proposal to amend the C-2 Limited Commercial District zone to explicitly exclude abortion clinics, and that the city council could then vote on the measure. We demand that one of the alderman make this proposal and the city council vote to make the zoning amendment.”


The businesses owners plan to present the open letter to the City Council on Monday night, October 17th, at the next council meeting.

Keep Rockford Pro-Life Rally on October 10

Over 150 people joined Lt. Governor candidate Stephanie Trussell to rally for life outside the proposed abortion mill at 611 Auburn Street in Rockford

Oct 10 rally 1.jpg

ACTION ITEM: Contact Alderman Frank Beach 

Click here for an update on the situation

We have been working with Alderman Frank Beach (whose district includes the proposed clinic on Maray Drive) to explore all options to prevent the Maray Drive abortion mill from opening. Now we need your help – PLEASE call him today and encourage him to do everything in his power to stop the clinic from opening.

Alderman Beach's contact information:

Phone: 815-399-3737



At a recent public meeting, the Rockford City Administrator (Todd Cagnoni) said that the Rockford city council could explicitly exclude abortion clinics from the zoning that includes the Maray Drive location. Any of the city alderman could propose the zoning change. Passing the zoning change would effectively prevent the Maray Drive location from ever opening its doors.

Alderman Frank Beach is the alderman of the district that includes Maray Drive. Please call him ASAP and encourage him to make this proposal at the city council! If we don't stop the abortion clinic from opening NOW, thousands of little innocent babies could be killed in Rockford.

Please contact Alderman Beach today, RIGHT NOW. Below is a sample script you could use.

Here is Alderman Beach's contact information:

Phone: 815-399-3737



Here is a very simple script you could use for your conversation with Alderman Beach:


"Alderman Beach - thank you for all you have done to oppose abortion in Rockford.  Please make a proposal at the city council to prohibit abortion clinics from opening in locations zoned as C-2, including the proposed location at 4236 Maray Drive. Doing this could save the lives of thousands of innocent children in Rockford! Thank you and

God bless!"

Mark your calendars -
prayer vigil 
on September 13, 2022

What: Pro-Life Prayer Vigil at the "Meet our Pro-Choice Candidates" Forum

Where: At the entrance to Unitarian Church, 4848 Turner Rd, Rockford

When: Tuesday, September 13, 6:00PM - 6:45PM


We continue to monitor the situation of two potential abortion clinics coming to Rockford and will have an update on that soon. In the meantime, the pro-abortion Winnebago County Citizens for Choice will be hosting a

MEET OUR PRO-CHOICE CANDIDATES forum, Tuesday, Sep. 13th at the Unitarian Church, 4848 Turner Rd.

Several Rockford area pro-abortion political candidates are expected to be there.

We are going to protest in a peaceful and prayerful way outside the event!

Please arrive shortly before 6:00pm at the Unitarian Church, 4848 Turner Rd, Rockford.  Park in the neighborhood near the entrance to the so-called church and we will have signs for you to hold on public property. 

Please bring a chair if you need one.


We need to be a prayerful presence for our Lord Jesus and for the babies outside of this event that will be filled with those who locally support the killing of God's children by abortion.  We have a duty and responsibility to be at this event to pray, witness, and hold signs that will show Rockford area pro-abortion leadership that they are responsible for the murder of children and to pray for their repentance.


Our signs will great the participants as they arrive with a clear message that abortion is a

crime against God and against humanity.

We will conclude at about 6:45pm.  Please join us and invite others for this time of prayer and witness for Christ & Life.


We have an urgent update on attempts to bring abortion to Rockford. PROTEST on July 8, 2022 at 11AM (4236 Maray Drive, Rockford)


We were informed that Dennis Christensen (the infamous former owner of the former abortion clinic on Broadway in Rockford) purchased another property – 4236 Maray Drive in Rockford (the former Animal Emergency Clinic).

We confirmed with the Winnebago County Recorder’s office that the property was indeed purchased by Dennis Christensen of Madison, Wisconsin on June 14, 2022.

Knowing that Dennis Christensen has been in the business of killing babies for a long time, we have every reason to believe that he intends to open an abortion clinic at 4236 Maray Drive in the near future.



We will have signs and banners.


Let’s keep do everything we can to keep abortion OUT of Rockford!


We have confirmed that there are plans to open an abortion mill in Rockford.


Dennis Christensen, the infamous former owner of the former abortion clinic on Broadway in Rockford, has purchased a property at 611 Auburn St in Rockford. It appears that he plans to use this property as an abortion clinic. (Click here for a local news report


We must do everything in our power to stop abortion from coming back to Rockford.




  • Call your local alderman and tell them to do everything in their power to prevent this abortion mill from being open. It is VERY important that we flood their phone lines with calls.


  • Be ready to attend a rally SOON outside the planned abortion clinic. More information to come!


  • PRAY and make sacrifices to ask Almighty God to intervene and foil the plans of the Evil One and keep Rockford ABORTION FREE


2nd End Roe Rally on June 11

Saturday, June 11th 

11:00AM  - 12:15PM

Mulford Rd and Riverside Blvd


We are excited that Roe v. Wade could soon be overturned! About 160 people joined to pray for the courage of the pro-life justices on the Supreme Court, and for the end of abortion in our country and state. Let’s show our city that we want to make abortion not only illegal, but UNTHINKABLE!


 Hundreds join End Roe Rally on May 7!

On Saturday, May 7, a huge crowd of over 200 pro-lifers gathered at Riverside and Mulford in Rockford to pray and rally for the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the end of abortion. 



On Saturday, January 15th, a huge crowd gathered in downtown Rockford to pray and rally for the end of abortion. The event began with a rally at the Stanley J. Roszkowski United States Federal Courthouse and then participants walked in procession past the State of Illinois building, and then back to the Federal Courthouse.


Click here for pictures

2022 Rockford Walk for Life

The Rockford Family Initiative is an organization dedicated to promoting family values in the greater Rockford, IL area. We advocate for the love and protection of children in the womb and the defense of the traditional family.

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