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Our Previous Campaigns

Through peaceful and prayerful means, centered on our Savior Jesus Christ, we work to build a culture of life and love in our community. 


March for Life Wisconsin

October 2nd, 2021

he Rockford Family Initative sponsored Pro-Life Wisconsin's first ever March for Life Wiscsonin in Madison! We took a bus from Rockford and picked up passengers in Janesville, WI as well. It was edifying to march with so hundreds of pro-lifers!

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Pro-Life Bridge Day

July 16th, 2021

Rockford Family Initiative reached thousands of people on National Pro-life Bridges Day, Friday, July 16th, 2021. We stood on a bridge going over I-90 from 3 pm to 6 pm in South Beloit.

This was the first time Rockford Family Initiative organized a pro-life bridge! For three hours we stood waiving to cars while our signs read “Abortion Takes a Human Life” and "Honk Against Abortion." Because our bridge was on "State Line Road," we reached people in two states at once!

National Pro-Life Bridges Day is an initiative of the Pro-Life Action League.

Thanks to all those who attended!

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Rockford Face the Truth Tour

July 2021

Chicago’s Pro-Life Action League came back to Rockford with their “Face the Truth Tour!”

Participants visited sites throughout the city, holding pictures of beautiful unborn babies along with signs showing the victims of abortion.

This year’s Truth Tour was in honor of the League’s founder, Joe Scheidler, who began the first Truth Tour in the year 2000.

We had a beautiful day for our tour and were received well by the public. Thanks to all those who came out and displayed the reality of abortion.

Rally for the Family

June 2021

Our Rally for the Family took place on Saturday, June 5th at the intersection of Mulford Rd. and Riverside Blvd.

Our Rally was organized as a way to oppose "Pride Month" and to honor and make reparation to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for Whom the Month of June is traditionally dedicated. 

It was a hot day, but 40 of us braved the heat! We received lots of support in response to our "Honk! for Traditional Marriage" sign. An employee of the Wendy's nearby even came out and served us ice cold water! Additionally, another passerby got out of her car and passed out water bottles to each of us.

June 5th proved to us that we are not alone in our fight for the family. It was a beautiful day for defending marriage and consoling the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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Rally for Parental Notification 

April 2021

About 50 people joined Rockford Family Initiative to rally in defense of Illinois’ Parental Notice of Abortion Act on Saturday, April 24, 2021. The rally took place at the intersection of Riverside Boulevard and Mulford Road, and participants prayed and held signs.


“It was great to be out here publicly defending Illinois’ Parental Notice law, which has reduced the number of abortions in our state,” said Savannah Dudzik, who drove from Woodstock to attend the rally. “We need to do more of these rallies to show our elected officials the importance of this issue and to encourage them to vote pro-life.”

In February 2021, a bill titled “Parental Notice Abortion-Repeal” (HB 1797) was introduced into the Illinois legislature, and is currently in committee. If passed, this legislation would repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995, which simply requires that when a minor girl seeks to have an abortion, a parent or guardian be notified 48 hours before the procedure.

Several local media outlets reported on the event, including the Rockford Register Star and WTVO.

"The Parental Notice of Abortion Act is one of the few remaining laws restricting abortion on the books in our state," said Kevin Rilott, President of Rockford Family Initiative.

“Furthermore, the Act provides essential safeguards against the evils of sexual abuse and human trafficking. If the law is repealed, when a young girl is raped or sexually abused, abortion could be used to cover-up the abuse and crime,” continued Rilott. “A teenage girl could be taken to any abortion mill in Illinois to have her child killed, and then the young girl taken home to possibly be abused again – with the abortion industry and abuser hiding all of this from the intimidated girl’s family.”


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